Behind the scenes of CosmoKey/Debian conference in Heidelberg


Today CosmoKey will post for you a quite different blog article from the ones you are used to. „Behind the scenes of CosmoKey“ is intended to show what kind work lies behind our product and on what our colleagues from the technical department work all day long.

At CosmoKey, new ideas are constantly developed and we are always searching for innovations. We constantly think about ways in which our product and our servers can be made even more secure. In order that our servers are as secure as possible, we use Debian exclusively as operating system. On the one hand, because our technical department is convinced by it, on the other hand, because in our opinion, security can only function, if the source code for programs is available and can be examined by independent people. This is why we supply to our customers the source code of our software.

For this reason, it was clear to our technical manager Christian Tacke that a visit to the Debian conference is obligatory, in order to exchange ideas with other developers and to find out news about Debian. Such a conference is for Christian Tacke always a mixture of private and business interest. The Debian developer conference „DebConf“ took place this year for the first time in Germany from the 15th to 22nd of August. With more than 600 participants from the whole world, it was the largest Debian conference so far.

Hundreds of developers from the whole world travel annually to the Debian conference, in order to attend talks and lectures together during this week, to participate to social events or to attend the panel discussion. In Heidelberg, the conference took place in a youth hostel. The accommodation and catering for the developers also took place there. As alternatives, there were also two other hotels in the proximity, which offered their rooms at preferential rates. The conference was financed by big enterprises such as IBM, Google, Microsoft and local sponsors.

Christian Tacke could bring along a few interesting impressions. Moreover, he has participated to some lectures which were very informative. For example, the talk on „free alternatives to Whatsapp and Skype“ was very interesting and helpful. Also the talk „Tails: Technical Overview“ was informative for our company: „Tails is a Linux distribution, which boots from a USB stick and leaves no traces on the hard disk, and is generally aimed at privacy and anonymity“, according to Christian Tacke.

Christian Tacke participated to a discussion panel on another conference day. The panel discussion was structured around Debian on ARM processors. These are nowadays well-known from the field of mobile phones. However, they are also used in many appliances, like for example in our microserver. The topic of another discussion round was the improvement of the backups of Debian. That was very interesting for CosmoKey, because we are always striving to keep all data secure. And in order to achieve this aim, a good Backup of our server also counts.

This useful information from the Debian conference are now put into practice by our technology department or born in mind for the future. This is how the DebConf was according to Christian: a complete event, where many „creative new meetings“ took place and where developers also worked together on different technologies. Thus, such a conference is always both receiving and giving something in exchange. Developers offer each other help where they can, also regarding the conference.

However, our coworkers are not only active in the scene about Debian. They work much in projects together and regularly attend different conferences, in order to be able to improve our product again and again.

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