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CosmoKey becomes a partner of SAP

A further milestone in the history of CosmoKey has been reached: the partnership with the software producing company SAP. From now on, CosmoKey is officially a partner of SAP and supplements its portfolio in terms of IT-Security and Multi-factor authentication. Dominic Adenuga, managing director of CosmoKey, said: „For CosmoKey it was very important and decisive […]

New Attacks on the mTAN Procedure in Online Banking

Apparently, hackers have again succeeded to steal data of customers with online Banking and to nullify the mTAN system. The damage thereby is estimated at several million euros. The number of the new fraud cases is said to lie within the two digit range. This is what a spokeswoman of Deutsche Telekom communicated to the […]

How can you protect yourself from hackers?

For years, one could read about attacks of the hackers on enterprises. They were far away and have nevertheless caused plenty of problems. Today the appropriate methods of the hackers, scammers and criminals on the internet are more and more frequently targeted on simple users. They have interest in the data of the normal customers […]

Behind the scenes of CosmoKey/Debian conference in Heidelberg

Today CosmoKey will post for you a quite different blog article from the ones you are used to. „Behind the scenes of CosmoKey“ is intended to show what kind work lies behind our product and on what our colleagues from the technical department work all day long. At CosmoKey, new ideas are constantly developed and […]

The coming into effect of the IT Security Law

In June 2015 the German Bundestag decided to introduce the IT Security Law submitted by the Federal Government. “Cyber security serves to the protection of the economy, the citizen and the functional capacity of the state“, federal minister of interior affairs Thomas de Maizière (CDU) introduced the law. The adopted IT Security Law has become […]

Data Security Loopholes of the Electronic Health Card

As the ZDF heute journal reports, the security gaps in handling the electronic health card (eGK) are still more alarming, than it has been previously claimed by critics. The employees of the ZDF (Second Channel of German Television) accompanied the self-test: The data security expert for the health service, Dr. André Zilch, called the AOK, […]

Critical security loopholes in Apple and Samsung devices

Last week media reports on security loopholes for Apple and Samsung devices received public attention. In the case of Apple computers and mobile devices, it is said that hackers have succeeded in stealing passwords and confidential data. What’s behind all this? Six researchers from the USA and China published in the middle of June a […]

Cyber attack on the Bundestag – several millions of euros damage

That the dangers of the digital networks become every day more problematic, was something that the staff and representatives in the Bundestag had to experience. Already in May one of the most secured networks of the Federal Republic seemed to have been infected with a harmful software. In this case, a parallel to an attack […]