CeBIT 2016 – the world of tomorrow

The clock is ticking, it will soon be March again.
The clock is ticking, it will soon be spring again.
The clock is ticking, CeBIT will soon be over again.

Actually this is just the beginning.

A beginning for the world of tomorrow. This year, under the banner of the motto “d!conomy” (a combination of “digital” and “economy”), various exhibitors at CeBIT 2016 from all over the world show their contribution to the digitalised economy. CeBIT will concentrate on a total of three pillars this year: the digitalisation of economy and markets, the digitalisation of the public sector and administration, and the digitalisation of society. A tremendously important theme, as what visitors get to see there is the future. Our future.

News and trends at CeBIT

There are many interesting things to see. It should no longer be news for anyone that more and more work is already being carried out by robots. For visitors to be served coffee by a robot could soon be an everyday occurrence.

The enterprise “Aldebaran Robotics SAS” from France is setting quite a large trend: a humanoid robot. “Pepper” is programmed to analyse people’s facial expressions and gestures, and to react appropriately to emotional states. He was designed as a “robot companion” and a “personal robot”. Developed jointly by the French company “Aldebaran Robotics SAS” and the Japanese company “SoftBank Mobile Corb”, the robot will initially be used in showrooms, behind reception desks and in the field of education and healthcare. Who knows, perhaps one day we will all have a robot at home.

Pepper1 Pepper

Another trend is the domain of virtual reality. Visitors at the stand of “Heise Media” in Hall 6 have the opportunity to have a virtual roller coaster ride. For this you simply sit on a chair, put on a pair of glasses, and find yourself already riding a virtual roller coaster. A similar opportunity is offered by the company “MOVR – Virtual Reality made in Germany” from Köln. The enterprise is a specialist in VR applications and cloud-based service for corporate clients. At their stand visitors have the chance to take a virtual witch flight on a broomstick. For this, visitors sit on a broom, put on a pair of glasses and begin their virtual sightseeing flight. Definitely a trend which will still catch on.

VR Hexenflug

The domain of drones is also an integral part of the exhibition this year. An entire hall is dedicated specifically to drones, the so-called “Dronemasters Summit” in Hall 16. Not only can you admire the different models of drones and take a closer look at the prices here, but there are also air shows and drone races for entertainment. It is certainly worth seeing if you are interested in drones.

Drohne Drohne1

 Start-ups in Hall 11

A beginning for the start-ups. Even the small companies have the chance to present their products and topics in Hall 11. Around 200 start-ups have used this opportunity to impress visitors and to draw attention to themselves. Along with the many different stands, there were also stages on which presentations relating to IT were given. The “Job and Career Stage” was a large platform of about 320 m2. In addition to students and job-seekers, executives from various companies in the IT sector were addressed. Not only were the employees encouraged, but there was a lot to learn. At any rate, there was a particularly successful talk given by the mental coach Karsten Schramm, who demonstrated the best way to deal with stressful situations in everyday life, and got the audience to take an active part in his talk.


A beginning for IT security. These days the topic of security is becoming more and more significant for everyone in the IT sector. Who feels safe enough in the large World Wide Web these days? Constantly new cases of fraud and hackers stealing data. How can you protect yourself, for example, in the increasingly popular online shopping, or with the various apps which we thoughtlessly download onto our smartphones? There are questions upon questions, and start-ups that are concerned with this and have answers to them, start-ups which would like to bring a degree of safety into people’s everyday lives.

Thus there was also a 112m2 space on the topic of “Security”, where start-ups could present things relating to their products and topics. We had a closer look at three stands and reported on where the companies came from, and what they have to offer. There will be a separate post on this in the next few days.


A beginning for CosmoKey. As previously announced, we from CosmoKey were also there at CeBIT this year. After the very good experiences last year, to us it was almost obvious that we would take part in the exhibition again this year. This time with a bigger stand and a better location. After only a short time, we could already say that CeBIT has once again been a great success for us, and quite a large step forward. People are interested in IT security; they want to secure their networks and rely more and more on two-factor authentication. We had many interesting conversations, made many contacts, and were able to gain quite a few prospective clients. The next few weeks will show what CeBIT has brought for CosmoKey in the long term. However, we are hopeful that we are on the right track.

Stand CosmoKey Stand CosmoKey2

German commercial enterprises should also be on the right track after CeBIT 2016. At any rate, the three pillars of digitalisation really stood out. They have impressed, fascinated, and probably opened the eyes of some of us who were there.

The clock is ticking, because digitalisation is progressing further and further.
The clock is ticking, because German companies are lagging behind in digitalisation.
The clock is ticking, because the world of tomorrow is digital.



A little Highlight was the Smartphone-powerstation. There was a charging cable for every Smartphone (Apple, Samsung, Windows) in a separate box. So you could inclose your Smartphone in a box and after a few hours, you could come back and your battery was charged. So simple – and so useful.

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