A solution for the real world: CosmoKey

The main reason the founders developed CosmoKey was to address something that had been troubling them personally. There was no convincing solution, thus: “helping people help themselves”. For this project a whole company grew up. The goal: to simplify existing security solutions and put them to consumer level. The brilliantly simple idea thought up by CosmoKey was to double protect the authentification process with an additional device. And that’s how CosmoKey was born – with its intelligent system and a design that the users really like (international patent pending).

The Team


Dominic Adenuga

General Manager

“I live my life online and I’m excited about the infinite opportunities and perspectives that technology can offer for the future. In the past there was no really convincing solution for passwords available, so self-help was called for. And out of one great idea grew a whole company.”


Christian Tacke

Technical Manager

“What impresses me most about CosmoKey is the convenience and accessibility it provides – it’s so easy to use and is barrier-free. So the CosmoKey token can even be used by people with impaired vision.”


Alexander Wangerowski


“I work as CFO for CosmoKey, because I want to make the world a little bit safer with the brilliantly simple idea behind CosmoKey.”

CosmoKey GmbH & Co. KG


Walther-Rathenau-Str. 39
33602 Bielefeld

Phone: 0521 60135

Fax: 0521 69983

Email: info@cosmokey.de