CosmoKey expands conventional logon proceedures (user name/password) with an additional security level. Everything which the user has to and can do: push a small button on the CosmoKey hardware token. The rest functions automatically. And securely.

The CosmoKey hardware token is as small as a modern car key and does not have any interfaces, on which data can be exchanged. No Internet, no Bluetooth, no cables, nothing. The lithium ion battery of the token can be charged only through a micro USB socket.


For the procedure, a separate, technical channel (mobile radio) is used. The associated appliance contains pre-installed software and can be stored, depending on the customer’s request, by himself or by CosmoKey . Since the additional authentication process does not take place on the device, on which the Login is made, CosmoKey is compatible with every hardware and every operating system of the final user.