Innovative IT security at CeBIT

As already indicated in the previous blog post, here is a post about 3 start-ups in the IT field. We got to know these companies at CeBIT and we are convinced that they contribute a large part to IT-security, and still have a great deal ahead of them.

This is because, firstly: security is becoming increasingly important in every domain. Everyone would like to experience security every day; everyone is concerned with security, and constantly tries to provide others with security. If we were unable to feel safe in this world, in these days, we would lack part of our courage to face life. We in Germany know what security feels like and do not want to miss it. Secondly: security in the IT field is an important good, which must be worked on every day. We as people should also feel secure on the internet. We don’t want hackers to get access to our information or to have our bank accounts at their disposal. We don’t want our passwords to be snatched up. We want to protect this aspect of our identity. And we want to make online purchases and use our smartphones without hesitation. We also would like to feel safe in this regard. And that’s why these start-ups exist.

UnFraud from Rome / Italy (Hall 11, Stand B46/3)


A young company with offices in Rome and Milan, which has set as its goal the securing of e-commerce and the protection of online retailers, so that they do not fall prey to fraud. Actually that’s just one area which UnFraud would like to protect. Other companies which distribute goods over the internet are also addressed by UnFraud. It happens far too frequently that fraudsters are on the move in online shops. For the company every fraud means the loss of wares and of money through the reversal of the transaction. Thus fraudsters make purchases with stolen credit cards, for example. When the proper owner of the credit card notices it, he reports it to the company and they have to refund his money. For this reason it is the online retailer’s losses which need to be prevented.

E-commerce is a global phenomenon these days, as online retailers must send products throughout the entire world and accept different payment methods (bank account, credit cards, PayPal or prepayment) in various currencies. UnFraud helps the company with orders, and increases the income and the security in international markets.

FAST – they stop fraudulent orders before they can be approved

SMART – through artificial intelligence fraudulent patterns are recognised the moment they arise

EFFECTIVE – turnover is increased, loss is prevented as well as refunds resulting from stolen credit cards, etc.

But exactly how does it work?

  1. First a customer buys an article through the online retailer
  2. UnFraud analyses the purchase information in real-time
  3. Suspected orders are filtered out
  4. This is active at all times

UnFraud helps to prevent fraud by determining the danger of online transactions. Every transaction is automatically assigned a degree of risk (low, medium or high). The company can then decide whether to approve it or rather to abort it, because the risk of fraud is too high. This solution functions over API and Content Management System plugins. Only the user ID, job ID, amount and currency must be entered.

The start-up was founded in 2014. Since its founding, the company looks back on multiple investments and major operations. Nevertheless, the product is constantly being developed further, in order to find the best possible solution for each client. The company currently has a total of six staff members.

The company offers solutions for different sectors, such as e-commerce, video & music streaming, airlines, online gaming, telephone operator and payment systems. UnFraud designs a suitable solution for each individual enterprise.


FireLayers from Herzliya / Israel (Hall 11, Stand B46/1)

Firelayers 1

“Protect every app on every device” – so the company advertises on their website. In this regard it primarily concerns cloud applications which have to be particularly well protected, as attackers have often targeted these applications, because they can spy out the most information there. Many cloud-based companies store as much information as possible in the cloud, because they assume that they can protect it best there. But this is no longer the case, as companies can never protect their information too well. This company is developing the first platform in the industry for control, protection and analysis of cloud applications and data.

How does the whole thing work?

It is really simple in its application. The user downloads the relevant software onto his end device (e.g. onto a PC or tablet) and he already has it at his disposal. Through the software, every cloud application on every end device of every user is protected. In addition, separate apps are also secured through the application. As a result, the user always has the ability to retrieve his data from the cloud.

The software is equipped with threat recognition and real-time prevention, so that the user is informed of threats at all times.

The company was founded in October 2015 by Doron A. Elgressy and Yair Grindlinger. Today FireLayers already has two offices. The head office is located in Redwood City in California near San Francisco. The other office is in Herzliya, a small city near to Tel Aviv in Israel.


Hasso Plattner Institute from Potsdam / Germany (Hall 11, Stand B46/6)

Hasso Plattner 1

The Hasso-Plattner Institute was first known as a college. Various courses with the outcome of Bachelor, Master, and PhD are offered there. Its “IT Systems Engineering” course is unique, and is at present unique in Germany. Furthermore, the institute values research very highly. Extremely complex IT systems are investigated here.

The start-up was formed because the university invented a secure cloud storage. It involves a new technology for secure filing and sharing of data in the cloud. Right at the start of CeBIT, the research team which developed this approach was awarded third place for it by the jury of the EU-supported “MAPPING App Competition”.

When it comes to the software, it involves a so-called “CoudRAID-solution”, which offers the user clarity in the handling of his personal information and likewise enables the highest possible security standards for the protection of the information. In this way various processes should be protected from possible attackers, and the user’s confidence should be increased.

The software is easy to use and has decisive advantages over conventional cloud services. Thus the documents, for example, are first encrypted automatically and then leave the computer. Finally the software is employed, and it divides the information in order to store it in various cloud storage services. The advantage with this is that the user is independent from individual storage services, and only ever has access to part of the document. As the partial information is automatically stored multiple times, a reconstruction would always be possible if individual storage facilities were to fail.

The Hasso-Plattner Institute is located in the provincial capital of Brandenburg: in Potsdam. The institute was founded in the summer of 1998 by the SAP co-founder Hasso Plattner, hence the name of the institute. Since then, Plattner has not only financed the HPI but is also is engaged as the leader of the “Enterprise Platform and Integration Concepts” discipline.

A large-scale implementation of the technology has already been planned. With the jointly planned project with Bunderdruckerei the CloudRAID will be connected to the “Trusted Service Platform” of Bundesdruckerei. The user will then be able to authenticate himself securely with a smartphone, for example, or an ID.


These three start-ups have all developed a special product which brings the user another piece of security. This alone already demonstrates how important the topic of IT security has become and also will become in the near future. And these three companies are just a part of it, as is CosmoKey. We all have something in common: we believe that security is everything, and that two-factor authentication constitutes a reasonable investment for every Company.

Protect your information, before it’s too late.

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