CosmoKey is safe.
◦ CosmoKey completes the conventional 2 factors authentications with a second technical channel and does this without radio or cable-based interfaces to the terminal.
◦ The hardware and software of CosmoKey are almost never compromisable and no data exchange takes place during the authentication.
◦ Every CosmoKey is centrally administered, thus the administrator keeps the full control of the devices, data and Integration.
◦ CosmoKey integrates itself into the existing data security guidelines of the enterprise and does not store any personal data.

CosmoKey is user friendly. For users and Administrators.
◦ CosmoKey can be used with a single click, is as easy to handle as a modern car key and can be charged via a Micro USB socket.
◦ CosmoKey functions independently from the terminal that is to be authenticated. A software installation on the terminal device is not necessary.
◦ The support of the CosmoKey is included and can be easily incorporated in the IT security infrastructure of the Company.
◦ The hardware and software used in the CosmoKey are based on the industry’s Standards.

CosmoKey is economical.
◦ CosmoKey offers a simple financial model, the costs are relatively low and predictable.
◦ With CosmoKey, the Service Level Agreements remain simple and transparent.