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Sidestepper removes security measures from iOS 9

Companies have the opportunity of using their own app-stores to provide their staff with the proper apps. Using this system, in which the official App Store from Apple is not used, there is a dangerous security flaw. However, Apple and security experts still deny this. Normally, Apple’s security measures prevent an attacker from planting apps […]

How can you protect yourself from hackers?

For years, one could read about attacks of the hackers on enterprises. They were far away and have nevertheless caused plenty of problems. Today the appropriate methods of the hackers, scammers and criminals on the internet are more and more frequently targeted on simple users. They have interest in the data of the normal customers […]

Cyber attack on the Bundestag – several millions of euros damage

That the dangers of the digital networks become every day more problematic, was something that the staff and representatives in the Bundestag had to experience. Already in May one of the most secured networks of the Federal Republic seemed to have been infected with a harmful software. In this case, a parallel to an attack […]

The consequences of a hacker attack – the example of Sony Leaks

What happens to the Sony Hollywood Studio, subsidiary of the Japanese parent company, since the end of November is without precedent. And yet it is probably only a foretaste of what will come: the destruction of companies due to the publication of confidential information. The story begins at the end of November with the fact […]