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Sidestepper removes security measures from iOS 9

Companies have the opportunity of using their own app-stores to provide their staff with the proper apps. Using this system, in which the official App Store from Apple is not used, there is a dangerous security flaw. However, Apple and security experts still deny this. Normally, Apple’s security measures prevent an attacker from planting apps […]

Encrypted freedom – Apple’s struggle for data protection between idealism and self-interest

At the least since the seriousness of state attempts to access large American tech companies was made public with the Edward Snowden leaks, even giant companies like Apple have found themselves in an extremely uncomfortable position. Data protection awareness is also growing with normal end-users, who are asking themselves more and more whether their personal […]

Critical security loopholes in Apple and Samsung devices

Last week media reports on security loopholes for Apple and Samsung devices received public attention. In the case of Apple computers and mobile devices, it is said that hackers have succeeded in stealing passwords and confidential data. What’s behind all this? Six researchers from the USA and China published in the middle of June a […]