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UnFraud – trendsetting security from Italy

UnFraud is a young enterprise with head offices in Rome and Milan that has as its objective the protection of online retailers. Almost everything happens online these days. Just think, for example; where do you buy plane tickets, when you fly in the holidays? Where do you buy concert tickets, when you want to see […]

CeBIT 2016 – the world of tomorrow

The clock is ticking, it will soon be March again. The clock is ticking, it will soon be spring again. The clock is ticking, CeBIT will soon be over again. Actually this is just the beginning. A beginning for the world of tomorrow. This year, under the banner of the motto “d!conomy” (a combination of […]

Sparkasse’s pushTAN-app with security gaps

Most users of smartphones and tablets also have online banking through their bank’s apps by now. They use the simple means for transfers, checking the account balance and similar things. The apps which are designed to facilitate online banking are also particularly popular. An example is Sparkasse’s pushTAN-app which provides the relevant tokens for transfers. […]

Two-factor authentication in everyday life

The security of the data of users, companies and customers has become one of the biggest challenges of the digital era. For a long time this sensitive information has been a currency, and criminals also have an interest in learning as much as possible about the user in question. At the same time the significance […]

CosmoKey becomes a partner of SAP

A further milestone in the history of CosmoKey has been reached: the partnership with the software producing company SAP. From now on, CosmoKey is officially a partner of SAP and supplements its portfolio in terms of IT-Security and Multi-factor authentication. Dominic Adenuga, managing director of CosmoKey, said: „For CosmoKey it was very important and decisive […]

Cyber attack on the Bundestag – several millions of euros damage

That the dangers of the digital networks become every day more problematic, was something that the staff and representatives in the Bundestag had to experience. Already in May one of the most secured networks of the Federal Republic seemed to have been infected with a harmful software. In this case, a parallel to an attack […]

CosmoKey is a member of nrw.uniTS

The Network of the IT Security Enterprises in North-Rhine/Westphalia, „nrw.uniTS“ has made it its duty to optimally network the yet recent industry of IT-security in North Rhine-Westphalia, to reveal synergy potentials and finally also to use them. CosmoKey is now part of this network and plans common activities for 2015. nrw.uniTS organizes, coordinates and accelerates […]

The consequences of a hacker attack – the example of Sony Leaks

What happens to the Sony Hollywood Studio, subsidiary of the Japanese parent company, since the end of November is without precedent. And yet it is probably only a foretaste of what will come: the destruction of companies due to the publication of confidential information. The story begins at the end of November with the fact […]