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Encrypted freedom ‚Äď Apple‚Äôs struggle for data protection between idealism and self-interest

At the least since the seriousness of state attempts to access large American tech companies was made public with the Edward Snowden leaks, even giant companies like Apple have found themselves in an extremely uncomfortable position. Data protection awareness is also growing with normal end-users, who are asking themselves more and more whether their personal […]

Two-factor authentication in everyday life

The security of the data of users, companies and customers has become one of the biggest challenges of the digital era. For a long time this sensitive information has been a currency, and criminals also have an interest in learning as much as possible about the user in question. At the same time the significance […]

Two-Factor Authentication: More Security in User Identification

In security-critical fields of application, like online banking, it is well known: the two-factor authentication. In order to gain access to a resource, the user must identify themselves with a password and an additional factor. Mostly, a one-time PIN will be retrieved, which the user receives through SMS. In other situations, a specific piece of […]

Unsicher, aber beliebt: Passw√∂rter wie ‚Äě123456‚Äú

In der j√ľngsten Zeit haben sich die Vorf√§lle geklauter Account-Informationen zu E-Mail-Diensten, sozialen Netzwerken & Co massiv erh√∂ht. Immer h√§ufiger werden Nutzer aufgerufen, zur Sicherheit ihr Passwort zu √§ndern. Vor allem aufgrund des Heartbleed-Bugs sollten Nutzer ihre Passw√∂rter inzwischen ge√§ndert haben. Doch wie eine¬† Statistik im Januar zeigt, sind die h√§ufigsten Passw√∂rter noch immer solche, […]