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Two-factor authentication in everyday life

The security of the data of users, companies and customers has become one of the biggest challenges of the digital era. For a long time this sensitive information has been a currency, and criminals also have an interest in learning as much as possible about the user in question. At the same time the significance […]

Two-Factor Authentication: More Security in User Identification

In security-critical fields of application, like online banking, it is well known: the two-factor authentication. In order to gain access to a resource, the user must identify themselves with a password and an additional factor. Mostly, a one-time PIN will be retrieved, which the user receives through SMS. In other situations, a specific piece of […]

How can you protect yourself from hackers?

For years, one could read about attacks of the hackers on enterprises. They were far away and have nevertheless caused plenty of problems. Today the appropriate methods of the hackers, scammers and criminals on the internet are more and more frequently targeted on simple users. They have interest in the data of the normal customers […]

The Keylogger Attack on the taz newspaper – how aggressors can be upset in their plans

The „taz“ is among the most important German newspapers. In addition to commentaries, which represent the opposition in the media landscape, the newspaper has above all many readers due to its foreign affairs reports. Now it has become known to the public, that in this big newspaper, an internal offence against the data security and […]

Datendiebstahl „CyberVor“ hinterlässt viele Fragen

Die Meldungen der letzten Woche, dass Online-Kriminelle rund 1,2 Milliarden digitale Identitäten gestohlen haben, hinterlassen einen bitteren Nachgeschmack. Nicht nur, dass die Menge der Daten beängstigend ist und Privatanwender bislang keine Möglichkeit haben zu prüfen, ob sie betroffen sind. Es bleiben auch viele Fragen offen; unter anderem auch die, wie Unternehmen sich vor Angriffen von […]

Sicherheit und Vertrauen beim Thema IT – Beispiel: Die interne Kommunikation im Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales

Sicherheit und Vertrauen. Das gehört zusammen wie Huhn und Ei. Aber was passiert, wenn derjenige, dem das Vertrauen ausgesprochen wird, mit jemand anderen zusammenarbeitet und das Vertrauen und die vermeintlich sicheren Daten missbraucht? Beim Thema IT-Sicherheit bekommt das Ganze noch eine andere Dimension:  Viele Unternehmen müssen für das Thema erst sensibilisiert werden. Welche Lösung ist […]